A Bit of Dreamwork

I dream of my toddler daughter. I’m changing a very full diaper. Louise, a female authority figure from a prior workplace, tells me by phone that I must bring the diaper to the doctor. I agree and look for it. I look in bags of trash. It is not there. I look all...

On Being Interrupted

Let’s pull on this moment like taffy and see what might be hidden there. You are doing important stuff. Somebody may even be paying you to do important stuff. And your kid shouts out to you from the other room. You hear it, but you don’t respond. Cause important...
Do I take insurance?

Do I take insurance?

The insurance question is my most asked question. The short answer is “no, I don’t take insurance.” But bear with me because I’m going to explain the whole shebang to you right here, right now. I am an out-of-network provider. That means I am...

Is It Anger or Rage?

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