Anger Management: Top Five Traits of Explosive People

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If someone held a gun to my head and told me to come up with a list of the top five traits of angry people. This would be that list.

1.   You are in a hurry. Gotta do it, gotta get it done, gotta get home, gotta pick up the kid, gotta finish the project. What you require of yourself makes a very long list. A list nobody could do. And you require it of yourself everyday.

2. You are often highly intelligent. You automatically process everything at breakneck speed (see above) and are impatient with those who take their time.  This is way beyond “not suffering fools” and “patience not being your strong point.”

3. You have needs for closeness, rest, relaxation and fun. You abhor, detest and squelch all of those needs.

4. You think you have to do things for people. Otherwise, they won’t hang around. Thus, you are chronically overbooked and resentful.

5. You don’t like to be interrupted. You get into a kind of flow state when you work. It’s one of the few times you leave yourself alone–and then the quiet gets ruined.

With the help of a supportive and compassionate psychotherapist, you can identify and challenge these old beliefs that lead to anger, so that you can get more satisfaction out of life. Successful anger management starts long before the outburst. We start with challenging some closely held beliefs you have about yourself and the people around you. You might be surprised by what you find.[/fusion_text]

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Elizabeth Singer is a therapist and anger management specialist in New York City

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