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Anger Management

If you are blessed with powerful emotions its on you to figure out how to contain them. I say blessed because strong emotions are actually an asset. Once you know how to surf them. You will love having a choice about showing your feelings. It’ll put you back in charge.

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Depression Treatment

Working with anger and rage as I have for decades, I often end up working with depression. Because rage is one way out. It’s not a good way, but it’s a way. We can find another way.


Anxiety Treatment

One of the keys to understanding your anger is to find and name the anxieties fueling it. Anger pulls for speed. We can curb the desire to explode if we find out more about the urgency.

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Services For Psychotherapists

Individual and group supervision from an expert in the engagement and treatment of people who struggle to contain anger and rage.

The Process

Getting Started With Therapy in NYC


Let’s start with one 45-minute session. I’ll do what I do and you’ll see what it’s like to work with me.


After three sessions, I can recommend how many times per week you might come in and how long I think it will take.


A treatment with traction that holds a hope of something better can serve as ballast in a turbulent time.

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