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A Bit of Dreamwork

And it starts to dawn in my sleeping mind that there is no need to bring the diaper to the doctor. The baby is well. And four dresses are okay, as are three. This shift is in line with work I am doing to understand a frightened, protective superego. Louise is my maternal grandmother’s middle name. This line of women needed things a certain way to feel safe and good. My mother passed that on.
My grandmother had good reason to worry about the baby. There were nine years between my mother’s older sister and my mother’s birth. Details are murky, but there were miscarriages. As a child, I heard the word “stillbirth.” Trauma chelating through the generations, hardening into a white-knuckle grip into how it needs to be to keep the baby alive.

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On Being Interrupted

Let’s pull on this moment like taffy and see what might be hidden there. You are doing important stuff. Somebody may even be paying you to do important stuff. And your kid shouts out to you from the other room. You hear it, but you don’t respond. Cause important...

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The best way to find out if we can work together is to have a session. I will do what I always do, and you will see if how I work works for you. If we decide that we are fit and continue to schedule sessions, I will bill you for the session. If we are not a good fit, I don’t charge.

Check out my blog for more on what I think and how I work with rage and panic. It matters who you choose. It matters how that person works. It matters what models of the mind they are considering as you speak. It matters how much work they’ve done on themselves and what their lives have thrown at them.

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