Atypical Depression

by Jun 16, 2012Depression Treatment

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Depression can be a step up from where you are.

  1. Are you numb?  You take the online depression quiz, and none of it feels true.  In fact, you don’t feel much of anything.
  2. Are you on autopilot?  The work gets done, the kids are fed and clothed.  Homework happens and the DVR purrs, and yet, you don’t feel your life.
  3. Are you so burnt that the only thing you feel is rage?  The current economic crisis has spawned a class of depression most notable for its rage.  I think rage is a step up from numbness or autopilot.  It’s hard on everybody, but at least it’s a feeling.

Here’s some right away help.  Turn off all the gizmos.  Get somewhere natural.  Listen to the birds or the crickets or the loons.  Do you have a bathtub?  Fill it up and get in it.  Slide in up to the top of your neck.  I know it’s bad for the environment, but this is an emergency.   Do you have some pictures of a time when you were happy?  Drag them out and look at them.  Write a story of that day.  Fill it with detail.  Remember everything.

Getting help would work too.

Elizabeth Singer is a therapist and anger management specialist in New York City

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The Difference Between Anger and Rage