Affordable Psychotherapy in NYC: A Path To Treatment

by Oct 16, 2014Depression Treatment, Finding a Therapist

You can find therapy for as little at $35 per session in New York City.  The institute where I trained to become an analyst runs a referral service out of its headquarters on 13th Street in Greenwich Village. Offering affordable psychotherapy, it is a path to treatment when money is tight.

The institute is called the National Psychological Association for Psychoanalysis (  It was founded by Theodor Reik in the 50′s as a place to train people who weren’t doctors to listen and care for people who were suffering.  The referral service is named for him:  Theodor Reik Consultation Center for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (TRCC)).  You can find it on the web at

Here’s how it works.  You call (212) ANALYST to set up an intake appointment.  You then meet with our Director of Intake.  She will choose from a roster of therapists based on your preferences (what neighborhoods you frequent, what fee you can afford, whether you feel more comfortable speaking to a man or a woman).  TRCC has been successfully matching therapists .to patients for more than 60 years.  We welcome diversity and look forward to speaking to you.

Some of the therapists on the roster are candidates in training.  These are people who have completed a master’s degree plus coursework at NPAP, plus personal analysis.  They see patients at the headquarters at 40 West 13th Street and speak once or twice weekly to an experienced supervisor.   Some of the therapists on the roster are full-fledged analysts with years of experience, an open hour and a wish to give back.

Frquently asked questions are found here.

This is something that is rare and fine.  Affordable psychotherapy in New York City.  Now you have no excuse.

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Elizabeth Singer is a therapist and anger management specialist in New York City

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